Frequently Asked Questions

Mike has been unable to defend himself publicly due to something called a Gag Order, a provision of every SEC settlement. Since the Nixon administration, the SEC has refused to settle any civil or administrative enforcement actions it brings unless the defendants also agree to an unusual provision: a lifetime gag order forbidding them from ever publicly questioning the truth of any of the allegations the SEC has made against them. For Example: If the SEC catches you in a paperwork violation but also inaccurately alleges you were running a Ponzi scheme? You can only get out of the case by promising to never dispute the false charges. The SEC is not required to prove any of their allegations, but the defendant is barred from denying them.
The SEC can levy penalties and fines, which fund their department.
David Haase was the former CFO of Rothenberg Group LLC. He is alleged to have embezzled funds from the company after abruptly resigning. He admitted to taking sensitive company information with him and is alleged to have conspired with Justin Grooms and Brandon Farwell to take control of RVMC from Mike Rothenberg, and start a new company using the list of customers, clients, and trade secrets. 190815-Complaint filed against Devani, Farwell, Haase, DMG et al
Brandon Farwell is accused of conspiring, with David Haase, and Justin Grooms to cede control of RVMC from Mike Rothenberg. Brandon falsely told the press, among other things, "that Michael Rothenberg had stepped down and that he [Brandon] was running the company" according to a suit filed recently. He is accused of stealing trade secrets and sensitive client information to start a new company with David Haase. 190815-Complaint filed against Devani, Farwell, Haase, DMG et al
Arcturus is a venture capital firm in direct competition with Rothenberg Ventures. Several employees from RV were convinced to quit and join Arcturus, and are accused of bringing with them sensitive and protected investment information and trade secrets. Arcturus was subsequently acquired by DMG Entertainment LLC.